Types Of NYC Debt Collection Services

  • Flat fee

    Our New York debt collection agency will collect on your accounts for a set price per account. Amount varies based on number of accounts and type of services needed.

  • Skip tracing

    We trace the location of your missing debtors and get them to pay.

  • Contingency

    We pursue your debts, and we collect a fee only when you collect your money.

  • Litigation

    If necessary, CCS will help you through the litigation process.

Our New York collection agency’s process for collecting debt consists of three phases.

Phase I – High-impact letters and reporting to the major national credit bureaus.

For a flat fee, we send customized, high-impact demand letters to your debtor(s). If they don’t pay, we report delinquent accounts to the major national credit bureaus.


Phase II – Intensive collection action

For debtors who don’t respond to Phase I, CCS will intensify our collection efforts to make sure you get paid. These can include:

  • Phone calls
  • Attorney letters (commercial accounts only)
  • Private Investigator visits (commercial accounts only)

During Phase II, our New York City collection agency only get paid if you do. Please contact us for a quote.

Phase III
CCS will work with you to determine whether delinquent accounts are candidates for a lawsuit. If so, we handle all litigation for you.

All phases include:

Reporting to the major credit bureaus if needed
Return service on all letters, to make sure you have the debtor’s current address

24-Hour access to our secure Online Client Portal (OCP)

Message from the CEO

Dear friends,

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. What we set out to do at CCS is to bring you the same services of traditional collection services at more affordable prices.

Here at CCS we aim to bring you the very best in service, pricing and transparency.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us know how we can help you improve your cash flow, keep your accounts up to date, and improve your bottom line.

Yours truly,
Jonathan Abenson

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