Property Management
“Like many real estate managers we were very frustrated by the large number of small unpaid accounts that were open on our books and the lack of any good mechanism to collect them. As you know the cost of hiring an attorney and going to court exceeded the amounts we would have been suing for.
Thankfully, you came to us with a very practical solution where there was almost no investment and we had everything to gain. Truthfully, our most seasoned real estate professionals were very skeptical. Boy did you prove them wrong. For an investment of less than $2500 you collected for us over $20,000.00
Your internet based system was extremely easy to use. Without hesitation we would recommend others to take advantage of your “NO LOSE” business model.”

Sincerely yours,
Rita F.

Property Management
“Because of our great experience with your firm, we are purchasing another package from you.”

Sincerely yours,
Abe S

Property Management
“Credit Control Service is an innovative service combining collection techniques and cost effective fees, which is what makes this service so exciting and unique.”

Sincerely yours,
Henry W

"Your services are very effective; thus far it has brought in over $82,000 in just a short 4 weeks. It takes a large load of my shoulders, and it most certainly improves our cash flow."

Sincerely yours,
Micheal Weisz

"We did not believe that hardened New Yorkers will be persuaded to pay through third party correspondence. However we decided to give it a try, knowing that if it didn’t work we would get our money back. Now the results speak for themselves, within a few short weeks, we have already recovered the cost of the system and more."

E. Friedman
Virtual Imaging

"After we signed up and put a few delinquent debtors through the CCS program, we saw immediate results with debtors contacting us and settling the debt. The transparency, ease of use of the CCS online program, allowing us full control 24/7 365 days a year to the site for any action needed, makes it a pleasure to use!"

C. Fromowitz
Berkoff Fox

Condo Management
“This is a 1000% return on our investment and if we had to use attorneys or traditional collection agencies our cost would have been substantially higher.”

Sincerely yours,
David S

Apparel Distributor
“Your company’s service was just what we needed. The investment was small and the breadth of the technical capabilities of your system was a combination that could not be matched. We recouped more than 10 times the initial investment, even though we gave you some of our most difficult cases.”

Sincerely yours,
Mike B

MRI Facility
“We’ve really appreciated your dedication and flexibility to work with us, and are looking forward to continue our valued relationship. Feel free to have any potential clients gives me a call.”

Sincerely yours,
Diana A

Dental Practice
“Within 2 weeks of utilizing your service, 3 out of the 10 accounts processed have responded by settling the debt or entering into a payment plan (which they have kept).”

Sincerely yours,
Dr. U Y

Medical Practice
“I’ve had the good fortune of using Credit Control Systems (CCS) for my medical collections for the past year and am writing to tell you how satisfied we are with your organization. You are honest, transparent, reliable, accessible and genuinely appreciate the significance of the patient-doctor relationship.”

Sincerely yours,
Dr. S F

"We gave CCS a try – and are very satisfied with the results. This has saves us legal fees, headaches and freed up my time to do more productive activities for the business."

Thank you again!
Heshy Shwartz

"This is an excellent alternative to taking legal action. We have already referred your company to other real estate companies!"

Dobbins ST MGMT
B. Friedman

"Your customer service has been impeccable and will highly recommend your service to other businesses I know."

Mayer Zarchi
RiteCare Medical Products

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